Natural is a family owned and operated business. The idea was born on a trip to the white island. A magical, contagious place, that changes you and makes you love it. At the end of the 70's there was an important presence of foreign cultures already on the island which grew into alternative movements. A positive environment to offer to all those people a place where they were able to buy their wholegrain food and bio goods. Due to that experience we established the first health food shop in Ibiza.

Natural-1 opened the doors in 1979. In 1980 we complemented it with the vegetarian restaurant "Sa Dacsa" in Plaza de Vila in the old part of town. It was a popular restaurant for some years but we finally decided to dedicate ourselves to the shops. To listen, to learn, to smile and to make the customer happy. In 1984 we opened Natural-2 in Plaza del Parque.

Our shops have seen many products, as well as people from all around the world passing through them all with different stories. We have sold everything from healing pillows to ceramics pottery and even bio clothing and shoes. In the past, naturist doctors came to town from the mainland to have consultations. Also for some years there was a Natural-3.

During 2017 and due to the refurbishment that took place in the city center area of Vara de Rey, we decided to close the shop Natural-2 in Plaza del Parque. The former health food shop will be from now on an ecofriendly cafe, where the customers will be able to savor our Natural products. Offering green juices and vegan shakes, fair trade organic coffee with nondairy milks. It will be the perfect place in downtown to have a healthy breakfast with glutenfree and dairyfree options. Matching this morning menu with more quality products. We will also offer an excellent selection of good wines from small vineyeards of the Balearic islands and Spain. We needed a spot in downtown where to enjoy the vermouth hour too. That's the beginning of BORN.

And Natural in Vía Púnica 42, became the main saling health food shop and right next to our storage and offices.

Cesarina holding Tanit Salom in front of Natural 1, September 1983.
Tànit standing in front of the old shop’s door, pic published by Japan Airlines magazine. August 2009

As an anecdote, the natural cosmetics enterprise Armonia started its sales here in our shop. It was packaged in our store, then labelled and distributed to health food shops all around Spain. Nowadays, Armonia is a specialized cosmetics company in Zaragoza, but it still keeps its original logo. If you take a good look at it you'll see it matches with the logo of Natural. We both share the “Californian” font of the hippy ideology of that time.

Experience made us grow and taught us about our sector. We are still here, with the same energy as the first day and want to share our experience with you. We would love for you to visit so that we can hear your story.